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Crazy Mob Lite [Android Game Review]

Crazy Mob is an enjoyable and challenging 2-in-1 strategy game that not only tests your strategy, but also your reflexes and dexterity. The touch-screen manual shooting puts player more in control, which makes the game easier to play and eventually easier to beat. As an additional bonus, once you play the first level in the strategy game mode, you will unlock the game’s “runner” mode. Similar to the Invasion Multiplayer game on Halo Reach, you can opt to play as the defender in Strategy mode, eliminating enemies with fruit and protecting your territory, or play offensively in Runner mode, as one of the attackers invading the base camp. Although there are only two stages to play (Forest, Desert), each environmental stage contain multiple levels and in-game achievements to earn to keep you busy and there will be two additional land stages (Swamp, Volcanoes) added on in later updates. The game will also guide you through each level and each additional feature during and outside of the game play. If you are confused about any of the characters’ role in the game or want to know about how many weapons you have and what they are used for, you can just simply click the Information button, which is symbolized by a question mark.

The only problem I have with this game is its use of crude objects. I’m not sure why this game uses virtual props such as toilets and feces, or even why the makers would think gamers would find “poo” as a rewarding form of fictional currency. Nevertheless, it is unnecessary and off-putting, even though it is a video game.

Overall, Crazy Mob is fun for people of all ages and slightly addicting to play if you can ignore the use of fecal matter as money within the game. The “2 games for the price of 1” concept is an excellent idea and adds variety and versatility to the app. I have also observed that this game is also similar to Angry Birds in multiple ways such as the menu arrangement, the colorful animation and the use of different characters representing certain skill sets. From experience, this 2-D platform game will test your reflexes and quick-thinking more than your strategy. This app takes up little room as it is only 21MB and the ad-free version is only 99 cents, which is not unreasonable.

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