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Contactive – Free Caller ID [Android App]

App Name: Contactive

Developer: Contactive

Cost: Free

Market: Google Play


Everyone loves information, especially when it comes to incoming calls. Recently the folks at Contactive reached out to me to let me know about their new Android app. Their app Contactive will use your social network information such as from Facebook and other sources to help identify any number that might be calling you. It looks like a neat app so I decided to do some q&a with Helen over at Contactive to help shed some more light on the app.

Q. Tell us a little about your company.

A. We are a small team of big brains made up of brilliant designers, marketing folk, and engineers who specialize in machine learning. Contactive is based out of SoHo, New York City and is a sister team to its next door neighbor Pixable, both subsidiaries of SingTel’s Digital L!fe Group.

Q. Why did you create this app?

A. We live in an age with technology that can literally split atoms, but we still have to Google the numbers of
unknown callers and ask our friends for updated contact information. It makes no sense for the information from
our telecommunications world to be so disconnected from the information that already exists on the Internet. We
decided to bridge this gap with Contactive.

Q. Why should someone use your app?

A. Contactive not only identifies unknown numbers, but it also creates an address book that is powered by your
social networks and always up-to-date. The app displays critical information during the few seconds when the call is ringing – latest tweets and status, job listed on LinkedIn, etc. It’s the kind of magic we dreamed about in the 90s.

Q. Do you have to log in on Facebook to use it?

A. No. There is an option to create an account using only an email address. However, we encourage users to
connect their Facebook accounts (and other supported networks) in order to automatically populate their address books with the latest contact information including status updates, job titles, birthdays and anniversaries.


Q. How does the app identify unknown users?

A. Contactive identifies unknown numbers using two main methods. The first method simply automates the search process to find public information online (LinkedIn, Facebook, Yelp, White Pages, etc.). The other way Contactive identifies unknown callers is through its own Global Directory, which is compiled by sourcing and adding directories from all over the world.

Q. What limitations does the app have?

A. Contactive does not have the ability to identify numbers that are private. We also have a self-imposed privacy
limitation that prevents users from finding numbers through reverse lookup – users cannot search for people’s
phone numbers in the Global Directory.

Q. What future plans do you have for the app?

A. We have two big plans for Contactive in the future. The first is to enable our users to help identify unknown spammers/telemarketers for other users via crowdsourcing. Secondly, we’re working on turning Contactive into a mobile communication hub that is channel agnostic and deeply integrated with popular social networks and apps. Users will be able to connect with their contacts using any communication platform (Facebook, email, Skype, WhatsApp, SMS, Viber, etc.) right from Contactive.

Appreciate the time today Helen and giving us some more information on Contactive. Still unsure about the app, check out this demo video. Enjoy.

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