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Clinch Release Android Version

The goal of Clinch is to give everyday users a way to easily create professional video stories that captivate, or ‘clinch’, a special moment and can then be shared with the world.

New York, NY – August 20, 2013 – Clinch, the automatic mobile video editor, is today releasing an Android version on Google Play. The app offers users an easy, automatic way to turn their mobile photos and videos into beautiful stories that truly ‘clinch’ a special moment. To enrich their videos, users can also add content from surrounding friends, social media, maps and more.

With Clinch, anyone can be an editing pro. The app uses cloud computing and unique algorithms to collect user-selected photos and clips from social media and the user’s own content. Clinch also collects crowd-sourced content of surrounding Clinch users based on location and time for collaborative use. The app then analyzes and edits the clips and photos, adding in maps and panoramic views for a professional final product with customizable backgrounds, themes and music. The result is an enhanced digital storytelling video that users can share on their Clinch feed, on social media networks, or choose to keep private. An in-app purchase of $0.99 allows users to download their video creation to their phone for even more sharing. The Android version follows the release of the popular iOS version.

Oz Etzioni, Clinch CEO & Co-Founder: “We’re excited to see where Android users take their Clinch video experiences. We’ve been impressed with the creativity of our iOS users in their approach to using the app, creating fantastic video clips of family vacations, weddings, and day-to-day life. With all the different platforms to collect and showcase from, Clinch provides a collaborative, all-inclusive way of capturing those distinctive moments in our lives.”

Click here for the iOS version.

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