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City Island Airport [Game Review] |

A couple of weeks ago, we reviewed the building game City Island. It is a fun building game. Well today we have another game from Sparkling City: City Island Airport. If you are familiar with City Island or enjoy building games this is another title to  consider.

This game is very similar to the first one. In this version your job is to build an island city which is centered around air travel. Your airport is the key in the game. You will need to build it up to create more traffic and income. What you can/will do:

  • Build up your airport with fuel depots, runways, hangers (which are needed to purchase an airplane)
  • Build attractions to get more guest flights to come to your area.
  • Build houses to attract residents, which provide passengers to your flights.
  • Build accommodations to generate cash.

Once you build the items, then you will need to click on them to get a flight, collect cash, tourists, etc. The game continues while you are gone so things will build up. As with most building games there is a tutorial to help you get going in the game. There will be quests or activities you will need to level up.

As you progress in the game and level up, more airplanes, destinations, buildings, attractions will open up to you. There is a lot to manage in this game. You have to keep an eye on your fuel status, passengers, tourists, cash, experience. For each flight you send out, it will cost you fuel, passengers, and time to complete. You will
get cash and experience from it.

So in City Island Airport, you will need to build up your city for tourists and residents and then you will need to manage and improve your city’s airport to shuttle these folks in and out so you can grow to be a major economy powerhouse.

The games works well on the small screen but a larger screen would be nice to help organize your city better. I did experience a few hiccups in the game but not enough to stop playing. The game is free but you can purchase diamonds and gold to help speed up flights. The game has a trophy room and you can connect with other online and share on Facebook and Twitter.

Due to the similarities of both City Island games, would probably won’t play both, but you might. Personally I like the added twist on the game by using an airport as your sole means of transportation on and off your island. It is different. Which do you prefer?

You can download City Island Airport from Google Play.

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