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Bwin Mobile Poker [Android Game Review]

Do you think you have the poker skills to bet and bluff your way to victory?  Then put your money where your mouth is and ante up with the Bwin Poker App. The biggest mobile poker network in its industry enables  players to compete in online Texas Hold ‘Em poker games for profit with real money or for fun with “play money” against hundreds of other users from around the world.

 bwin2Before you enter a game, you will need to register for a new Bwin account or login with an existing Bwin account. Registration is free and is only available to essentially users in every country except for the U.S., in terms of registering your current resident country. Once you have registered or logged in, you will be able to customize your payout settings, deposit limit and withdrawals, along with other account settings in the Settings tab. New users should take the chance to learn the basic controls and rules of the game through the app’s interactive “Preview” mode. This tutorial will show you how to play and how to use the controls within the game to bet, check, sit out of a hand, etc.

Upon completing those tasks, you will have a selection of three game modes to play: Real Money, FastForward and Play Money. In the settings menu for each game mode, you can adjust the game type (no-limit, fixed limit, pot-limit), number of players at a table (minimum of 2, maximum of 10) and stakes. Once you have input your settings for the specific game you are looking to play, the app will search for a match that you requested in progress. The differences between the three game modes are that you play cash game for legitimate stakes in Real Money mode, Play Money mode acts as more like an exhibition free play mode and FastForward more is accelerated version of the Real Money mode.

In the FastForward cash game mode, one of the more interesting features on bwin Poker, you are always in action and the time for waiting for other players to make their move is greatly reduced. One of the FastForward features include “Forward Fold”, where you will be automatically be dealt a new hand faster than you can say “I’m out”. Another feature that stands out in that this game adapts to intended and unexpected phone interruptions. The app will automatically sit you out of a hand or two (or three) if something else may happen while you’re playing like if a phone call or text message pops up on your phone during your game. The one-click sit-in feature will put you back in the action once you have finished whatever you might have been doing at the time.

So, whether you’re playing for leisure, just learning how to play, or want to win some big bucks because of your expert Texas Hold ‘Em poker skills, Bwin Poker has something to offer for players of all kinds. Because of the high volume of active players, you will not have to wait a long time to find a game, despite of the type of game you are searching for. Although this app is not available in an app store, you can still download it for free from the developer’s website.

App Name: Bwin Mobile Poker

Developer: Bwin

Market: Android, iOS

Cost: Free

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