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Bricknoid the Brick Breaker

App Name: Bricknoid the Brick Breaker

Cost: Free

Developer: Driant Games

App Market: Download Page


Bricknoid the Brick Breaker is  an arkanoid style game with colorful graphics and new features like an endless game mode named “extreme challenge”.


– Beautiful HD graphics
– 100 Unique Fun Levels (Many more to be added soon!)
– Extreme Challenge Mode with unlimited bricks to break!
– Customizable hd graphics and sounds!
– 3 difficulty levels, Easy, Normal and Hard. The number of stars you win each level depends on the difficulty it was finished on!
– Online leaderboards for Extreme Challenge Mode.
– Game statistics; total bricks broken, time played, and more!
– Optimized for both smartphones and tablet computers!

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