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Border Lines HD Free Space – Android

App Name: Border Lines HD Free Space – Android

Cost: Free

Developer: Andrei Chiritescu

App Market: Download Page


In this game, your spaceship controls the playing fields’ border. There is a source of energy inside that you have to reach by cutting parts of the field – you move the border and that is the story of the game. Can you avoid the attacks of your enemies and their ships? You’re only protected while you’re on your border. As soon as you fly into hostile territory you are vulnerable. Power-Ups but also Power-Downs can be found in crates that are out on the field that gets activated by cutting around them.

The goal is to capture at least 80% of the enemy territory and all the yellow/green energy sources. To capture a territory you must split the enemy area in two. The area which does not contain the main enemy boss is considered conquered by you. If any turrets, interceptors or power-ups(crates) are in that area, those are captured or destroyed. The entire area is surrounded by a green powered line. When your space ship follows this line you are protected by a shield impassable by enemy ships or missiles.

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