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BloXoR [Android]

App Name: BloXoR [Android]

Cost: Free

Developer: Terminal Core Games

App Market: Download Page


BloXoR takes the DEXTERITY of the average Tilt game like Labyrinth and adds a PUZZLE SOLVING twist– ALL of the Blox move! The goal isn’t just to move a single marble from one side of the board to the other, but to Tilt and Slide ALL of the Blox, rearranging them, reconfiguring them, like one big puzzle box!

Each level of BloXoR begins with a variety of Blox scattered throughout the 7×11 box. There will always be exactly one set of [o], [X], and [o] Blox, that begin the level spread throughout the box. Your goal– bring them together to form a BloXoR.

Tilt and Slide the Blox this way and that, between Wall Blox, around Holes, in and out of Junk Blox–which are also sliding around, getting in your way! With each slide you try to bring the [o] [X] [o] Blox closer together. Not all Blox are obstacles, some can help you–Bomb Blox can blow through Cracked Wall Blox and Bridge Blox can plug Holes. It’s up to you to figure out just the right combination of tricks and techniques that are needed for each unique level!

BloXoR comes with over 80 custom designed levels in a variety of difficulties that offer a multitude of unique puzzle solving challenges.

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