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Bin-glo – An Interesting Twist on Bingo [iOS Game Review]

Bin-glo from MeccaBingo,  is sort of a combination of bingo, pool, and pinball.  It might be hard to describe but the game is free so there is no reason  not to give it a try.

Bin-glo comes with 2 types of games: Classic and Maze. There are 15 levels within each game mode.  There is also Crazy mode which you will unlock as you earn in game achievements. This is a single player game which allows you to check your scores on the various levels. The game also has OpenFeint support. (It was my understanding that OpenFeint was closing down, so not sure why it is in the game).

The object of the game is to launch the ball from the left side of the screen and hit the numbered balls. The balls you will want to hit are listed at the top of screen. You can adjust the angle of the shot. Now if you hit a ball with a number you do not need, it will bounce and move around.

Each level is timed so you need to complete before time runs out. I also noticed that not all balls on the screen at one time and a new one will not appear until you hit one of the numbered balls you need.

In the maze mode, there is an added challenge of having to deal with walls and other obstacles.

Now the Crazy mode can be played in either game type. What it does is add some different things to the game such as:

  • Laser -(helps you aim with a laser pointer
  • Strength – makes the balls stronger
  • Power- up – launches balls faster

There are over 20 add ons which can only be used as you play the game and unlock them.

Overall I like the game. It has a nice retro, glow look plus so cool background music to get you in the mood. The one issue I had with the game was every once in a while the game would crash well the shooter, ball and numbered balls would disappear. The only thing I could do was restart the game. I played the game on an iTouch 5. Because of this I had to take a star off of my rating. The developer is planning on making it available on Android and updating the user interface.

App Name: Bin-Glo
Developer: Mecca Bingo Ltd
Price: Free
Categories; Games, Entertainment, Arcade
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

Screenshots Bin-Glo

Bin-Glo iPhoneBin-Glo iPhoneBin-Glo iPhone

Screenshots Bin-Glo for iPad

Bin-Glo iPadBin-Glo iPadBin-Glo iPad

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