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Battle in the stars – Cosmo Battles [Android Game Review]

App Name: Cosmo Battles


Cost:  Free / $1.99 USD

Market: Google Play


Real time strategy  (RTS) games are one of my favorites to play. If you have been following me over the years, you would know this. Well I just got a chance to try Cosmo Battles from and I like it. The graphics, gameplay, and overall design are very well done. Make sure to check out the video below to see more of the specifics. The game is currently available for Android devices and comes in two flavors, free and paid. The free version has 6 missions, while the paid version comes with all 21 missions.

This game is very similar to most RTS, which is a good thing. The game starts off with a tutorial to help you with the basics. Each mission is locked, so you have to play them in order.  Each mission has a main objective but also contains various “waypoints” you have to achieve in order to complete the mission.  When the mission begins you will choose which units you want to use. There are currently a  total of 6 different combat units. As you progress you will earn coins, which you will use to get your units.

Within the 21 missions, there are 3 different locations you will be battling in. There is also over 20 in game achievements you can work on as you progress. I should also mention that you can set the difficulty settings also.

After playing for a few minutes, I pretty much had the gameplay down. You select the unit you wish to move, the board will show your potential locations, and then you tap where you want to go. To do well in the game  you will need to become familiar with the different units and their properties. This is a good game but I found the text a bit hard to read on a small screen. Pinch to zoom works very well in the game.  Also there is no multi-player option in the game, which might be a nice option in the future.

Overall this is a nicely done game and one that RTS fans should enjoy. Since there is a free version you can try it before you buy.  I did not experience any problems with the game and enjoyed the graphics. So if you are ready to battle in the stars, give Cosmo Battle a try.

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