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Battle Alert – Red Uprising [Android Game Review]

App Name: Battle Alert – Red Uprising

Developer: Empire Game Studio

Cost: Free

Market Link: Google Play


If you enjoy real time strategy games (RTS) and player vs player (PVP) game, then Battle Alert – Red Uprising from Empire Game Studio should be one you try. Battle Alert has been on iOS and is now on Android. After playing the game a while, it reminds me a lot of Clash of Clans. You can see my review of it over at PocketFullofApps.

The premise of the game is very simple. You are tasked to build the best fighting force possible and then complete missions and/or attack and hopefully defeat other human players. In the market they call it a “combat mixed tower defense and strategy” which I guess is somewhat accurate as you need to setup defense around your camp so if you are attacked by others you are prepared.

The layout of the game is very straightforward. They have designed the game so the buttons do not take up a lot of real estate. There is also pinch to zoom so you can easily focus in on your units or buildings.

When you first start, you will work on a tutorial mission to help you figure out what to do. If you have played these types of games before, you should not have a problem. After you are done that, then you are presented with more missions which you will need to complete to coin and oil to help build your forces.

Also when you first start you will be given newbie protection so you can get yourself settled before others can attack you in the PVP seciton.

The game is free to play but there are in app purchases you can make for game cash, which can be used to purchase in game resources. As you play, you will earn some
game cash which you can use to purchase protection time, resources like metal, oil, and base.

In the game, you are build 3 different types of units:

  • Resource Buildings- oil, metal storage and extractors, and power plants
  • Military – academy to build more troops, and more
  • Defense – walls, missiles, gun turrets, etc

With every thing you purchase, you can upgrade them.

Overall the game is fun and the graphics are pretty good. To move soldier(s), simply highlight them and then tap to move. When you tap on them, they call out and really reminded me of StarCraft. The game seemed to play well but I did had some lag at times but was not sure it was the game or my Internet. You will need Internet to play the game.

As I mentioned the game is very much like some others, which is not a bad thing. I am not a big PVP gamer simply because I always seem to get my butt kicked. LOL. But the game does give you a lot to do so it is a good game to play for a while, put it down and then come back to it. So if you enjoy RTS games, they download Battle Alert and see if you could build a better army then I did.

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