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Battery Saver [Android Review]

App Name: Battery Saver 2x

Cost: Free


App Market: Google Play


Saving battery life is one the most important things smartphone owners can do. The Battery Saver 2X Save Battery app for Android does a very good job saving battery life. There are a number of apps currently out on the market so if you are looking for one, you should give this one a try. It is free so you have nothing to lose.

battery2xaThe app is very straight forward to use and really is  5 tools in one.  The first is a battery life indicator. The first panel of the app will show you how much time you have life depending on what you are doing. You can easily modify which activities it lists. The app will also put a battery icon in your quick menu.

The app has a notification alarm when your battery reaches a certain level.

The app has an uninstaller you can use to remove unwanted apps quickly.

The app has a customization tab, where you can easily turn on/off  wi-fi, cellular network, Bluetooth, GPS, Auto Rotation, screen timeout, and brightness.

Finally there is battery optimizer. Simply tap the big green button and then hit “optimize.” The app will automatically go through and help save your battery life. I ran this app on my older DroidX phone and I did see a big difference in battery life. I was having some trouble with battery drain and this app helped.

There are ads in the app but they are not a big problem. Reviews in the market are very good which I am not surprised.  This app does what is says it does- save battery life.


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