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Backing Up Your Device with Ease – truBackup for Android

App Name: truBackup

Developer: 3FramesLab

Cost: Free/ $2.99 Pro

Market: Google Play


Probably the three things most smartphone users do not think about are security, viruses, and backups. I know that I always do not. There are numerous apps out on the Android market to help you with each of these. Today we are looking at a new backup app called truBackup from 3Frames Software Labs.


TruBackup is a free app. If you wish to upgrade to the pro version then you can purchase a license key for $2.99 USD. To celebrate the launch of the app, they are giving away full license keys when users download the free app from Google Play.  So before you read any more, go download your full, free version!

Ok are you back from downloading? So what is so good about this backup app? It is in its simplicity. TruBackup is really easy to use and very intuitive. There is no major help screen or menu. There is no confusing or messy menu options. When you turn it on, your options are backup, restore, schedule, and devices.  On option is to backup over wi-fi only or not.

When he hit backup, you will then choose which items you want to save, contacts, apps, photos, music, etc. You have the option to save the backup to your sd card or your Dropbox account.

To be on the safe side, you can schedule your backups and again choose which items to back up.

You also can backup multiple devices via your Dropbox account. You can use truBackup to move files from one device to another even.

Finally you can restore files if needed from your backup(s).

There really is not much else to save about truBackup- it just works! If you are looking for an easy, hassle free way to backup your important files, then you need to give this app a try. 



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