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Awesome Dating App Tinder for iOS Users Unveils on Android

Advanced technologies have made dating easier today through the social networking sites. Surprisingly, a lot of dating apps have been developed to make it look like dating for real. You can easily find your perfect match simply by submitting pictures and sharing your personal information for others to find online. Tinder is a popular online dating app that has been used by iOS users for quite some time now. But the good news is that the awesome dating app Tinder has now unveiled its own version for Android phones.

Enjoy a digital dating experience with Tinder

Tinder joins the trend of digital dating and it is enhanced with features to find your dating match quickly.  It is fun and provides its users a real life experience. The app allows the user to sort through hundreds of pictures and then mark those you find interesting. If the other party agrees you can have a quick chat within the app. An added feature of the app is filtering the age of users to make it easier to choose from your target age bracket. You can also search according to the interests of the people you want to meet.

Find your perfect dating match the unique way

What is really good about Tinder is that it can now be downloaded on iOS and Android phones. Some people feel a little awkward engaging to a dating site but more and more users can now appreciate the app especially those who do not have time or are just too shy to meet or ask somebody for a date personally. This is one way of getting to know simple things about a person first before actually going on a real date. If you are not really that serious about getting into a more intimate relationship, this app can help you find someone who shares with you the same interests. The founders of Tinder have actually called this app a game. This is one app that is centered on a more intriguing part of dating by not really putting oneself personally but by just simply choosing and liking pictures anonymously until the time that the person likes back in return. That will trigger the match and perhaps if you are lucky enough you can have yourself the best date of your life.

Advantages of using Tinder on your Android phone

As the Tinder app makes it available for Android users, it is expected that more people will be using the app to join a virtual dating community. A lot of users who had been trying to use Tinder were amazed at how fast it goes. iOS users were able to enjoy the unique way of meeting new friends and potential dates and Android users now have the opportunity to enjoy its unique features. Using your phone you will certainly find a good match who shares the same interests as yours. Other digital dating sites have been reported inefficient and had a high incidence of rejection rates because of bogus photos and profiles posted on these sites. Tinder focuses mostly on younger generations and most of its users are students in colleges and universities. Professionals however are also using Tinder.

If you are looking for a casual relationship, Tinder is an app that can give you the opportunity to meet new people directly through your mobile device. It gives you a subtle approach in finding a perfect match without the serious commitment to make. The app is easy to use and does not compromise a good conversation that you might have with another person. It is perfect for someone who wants to remain anonymous while enjoying the company of other people until finally deciding for a meet up.

Other benefits and features that you can use with Tinder

In addition to its primary dating feature, Tinder can also be a tool for social connections and can be useful in one way or another. For instance if your purpose is to simply meet people and make friends, Tinder can make this possible. It really depends on how you see things your way and how Tinder can help you achieve your objectives. Remember, Tinder is already hitting Android phones, so this app can be enjoyed by almost everybody now. This can be a good marketing tool to promote your business and go into social marketing. Perhaps the saying “No man is an Island” is what the Tinder app is all about. To have a healthy social life, meet people who can relate to you and enjoy the company of people who share the same interests as you do.

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