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Asterix packs the punches on smartphones and tablets [iOS]

Paris – July 15, 2013  Asterix is the French comic series that has been translated into 111 languages and dialects and sold 350 million copies worldwide. But, in addition to the success generated by these indomitable Gauls in comic form, their adventures have been successfully replicated in all media formats: cartoons, movies, branding and videogames.

It is with the intention of continuing this success that Editions Albert René and games publisher and developer BulkyPix are pleased to announce the release on July 25 of Asterix: Megaslap.

One swallow of magic potion and all hell breaks loose! Send your Roman as far away as possible, outside the Gaul village, even outside the borders of Gaul, going via Rome or even Egypt. If the potion isn’t enough to do the trick, you have a whole paraphernalia available to customize your Roman: cloak, helmet, bouncing cushion, lightning, and you can even throw a menhir at him. So, take a good run-up and give that Roman a hard punch, as he’s asking for it and that’s what he’s there for! Your objective is to send him as far away as possible in record time. Take the opportunity to challenge your friends in real time. There will be plenty of punches dished out, that’s for sure. And that will make the Romans happy. After all, they were told to enlist. But maybe they’re going to regret it this time.

Asterix: Megaslap, a game that will knock you out!

Launch price : $0.99 USD
Available on : iPhone, iPad
Release date : July 25th 2013


  • Lots of settings taken from the comic series (Rome, Lutetia, Egypt, Helvetia, to name a few)
  • Unlock more than 20 objects and accessories that will help you send your Roman further and further away
  • Take on your friends. Their records are represented by Romans inflated with helium that you will encounter on your journey
  • Collect the cards for more than 30 characters. Caesar will enjoy telling you their story
  • Universal version

About :

Éditions Albert René
Founded in 1979 by Albert Uderzo, the publisher Les Editions Albert René has been part of the Hachette Group since 2008.  The Asterix the Gaul adventures were first published in Pilote magazine in 1959. Today the franchise boasts 350,000,000 comic books sold, 111 localizations, 34 different adventures and a new comic book created by Jean Yves FERRI (script) and Didier CONRAD (design), slated for release October 24, 2013. Les Editions Albert René owns and manages all copyrights for Asterix’s characters and universe, and has three missions:

1) Publishing the Asterix the Gaul comic book and other comic books created by René Goscinny, such as Jehan Pistole, Oumpah-Pah and Luc Junior.
2) Launching and developing new international projects, i.e. animation/live movies.
3) Granting Asterix licenses to a large range of communication and entertainment products, like the Parc Asterix amusement park in Paris.

For more information about Asterix, please visit:

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