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AppsGeyser – Creating Apps from any web content (Android)

Today we are taking a few minutes to chat with AppsGeyser. AppsGeyser is a free service where you can create a mobile app from your website content. For small business these days, it is important to keep up with the ever changing market and mobile apps are here to stay. I work with a lot of small businesses so I thought this would be of interest.

Q. What is AppsGeyser?
A. AppsGeyser is an Android app builder that allows anyone to create Android apps from any web content.

Q. How does it work?
A. AppsGeyser has a number of options. Users can enter a web address, HTML code, a document, a video stream address, or even a zip file of a full website. The system will turn it into a native Android app.

Q. Why should a small business have a mobile app?
A. Every business, no matter what size, needs a mobile app. Today’s users search app stores such as Google Play and iTunes rather than searching Google or Bing for the information they want. If you’re not where the users are, it’s clearly a problem. Additionally, since apps remain with the user, they create a closer connection between the brand and the user. There are a lot of ways to use this, from updating sales and catalogs on the app to offering special coupons to running daily contests on an app.

Q. Are there any particular types of business that should really in the mobile space?
A. The answer here is really the same as the previous answer. Everyone is connected with a mobile device these days. If you want people to remain aware of your brand or service, an app is really a necessity. Even places of worship should have apps to give members easy access to the week’s announcements. I love the fact that my local library has an app that tells me what hours it’s open and when children’s story hour is. At this point, a business is expected to have an app.

Q. Where do you see the mobile market place going in the next few years?
A. I think that we’re going to see a rise in the level of the apps we’re seeing. Right now, we’re seeing people put up apps that don’t look professional or even well thought-out. Another year or two down the line, those apps are going to disappear from app stores, and we’re only going to see apps which are well-made in the stores.

I also think that there will be some sort of correction for the platform issue. Either it will become easier to convert apps from one platform to another, or we’ll end up with browser-based apps which are OS-agnostic, which is what is happening with non-mobile computing (desktops/laptops).

Q. Where do you see the Android market and OS going in the next few years?
A. I think that the Android OS will face some stiff competition from Windows Phone, but the fanbase and the variety of devices will keep it on an even keel. I think the release of the Nexus 7 tablet is just the sort of thing that Android needs to remain popular. It’s a full-featured tablet that’s reasonably priced. As long as Android can offer all of the features people expect from other operating systems for so much less money, the ‘fandroids’ will keep coming back.

Regarding the app market, I think we’re going to see a point when virtually all apps hit Google Play before they hit Apple. I think the biggest issue that Android app builders are going to have is the issue of being found. Small business owners often don’t have that problem, since they have a unique name or they offer the app with a QR code in their established place of business. Those looking to build a business on apps, on the other hand, are going to have to work really hard to get the right keywords and descriptions in and to build a name for their brand outside of Google Play to get people interested through other avenues.

If you want to learn more about AppsGeyser, check out their website or  blog.

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