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Android parental control application – MobileMinder Tablet


MobileMinder Tablet is now available globally to every single parent who is worried about their children being left unsupervised on tablet devices. This 100% free service is answering questions surrounding concerns that there is not adequate enough protection on tablets.

The tablet app, which is being brought to you from the same people who made MobileMinder, the Androidparental control application for smartphone, is an easy to use app which will give parents complete control and transparency over their children’s tablet use without incurring any headaches from bulky confusing tech.

  • The app could not be simpler to use.It is to be downloaded from the Google Play Store onto the tablet in question.
  • The parent will then give an email and password to register.
  • After an optional tutorial the parents will set their preferred parental controls and launch the app. It’s that easy.

There is no long drawn out payment system because it’s free! No need for an online account or desktop, it’s all done on the tablet.

Version one of MobileMinder Tablet will have the ability to filter websites by category, URL or keyword, meaning children will not be able to access harmful websites such as porn or gambling sites. A list of apps on the device will be displayed on MobileMinder Tablet and parents will have the option to make them accessible or not accessible to their children. The only browser children will be able to use will be the MobileMinder browser to ensure that no control settings are circumvented. When the app is active a password will be required to access the app to ensure that children cannot tamper with settings. Parents will also have the ability to view all of their children’s tablet use in the usage report section to establish if there are any additional apps or websites that need to be filtered.

MobileMinder Tablet provides complete protection to children who have it and gives parents peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing that be it their own tablet or their children’s, they should feel confident in letting them use it.

For full information go to or contact us at [email protected]

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