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Ambiance for Android

App Name: Ambiance

Cost: $2.99 USD

DeveloperUrban Apps

MarketGoogle Play

Review: Having a tough day? Want to relax and just unwind some? One of the best way to change your mood is by what you listen to.  The Ambiance app for Android does just that. You can create your own library of relaxing and soothing sounds which you can play any time you need a change. You can choose from over 2500 free sounds, exclusive to Ambiance, to download and create your customized sound mixes.

The app has a lot of nice features and a number of features that will be coming out in future updates. When looking for a particular sound you can search the store by categories or keywords. You can preview any sound before downloading it. Within the library you will have a list of the files you downloaded and you can create mixes and playlists.

With the copy I reviewed the alarm, quickstart, backup, and recorder features were not working but I bet you can figure out what each of these will do.

Check out their intro video here

Overall the app is a very easy way to create your own library of soothing and relaxing sounds. I found using the headphone with the app was best to really hear the ocean waves or the early morning bird calls. So you are looking for a way to help block out a lot of the noise of your day, give Ambiance a try.

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