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Abalone Puzzle Game for Android and iOS – App Review

App Name: Abalone

Developer: AMA Ltd

Cost: Free/ Paid($3.50 USD)

Market: Google Play, iTunes


Last week we mentioned this game was hitting the market and it looking quite promising. Well AppReviewCentral got a copy of the game and the bottom line is a great game with lots of replay value. The game is available for Android and iOS. On the Android market, there is a free version (10 levels)  and a pro version (60 levels, multiplayer, and game editor). For iOS, you can get a free version of the game.

The object of the game is to knock your opponents marble off of the playing board. There are of course some rules on how you can move. The game comes with a tutorial but I found the game pretty easy to learn. When I first saw the game it reminded me of Chinese Checkers or Othello but it is neither of these.

The game is beautifully design and a real joy to play.  The graphics and music really create a nice atmosphere to play in. The paid version might seem a bit pricey but there is a lot to the game.  In the pro version there are 60 levels which you need to play in order. There is a free play mode, where you can choose the game board layout, number of marbles you must knock off, difficulty, and time of game. There is 2 player mode and a game editor section where you can mode the game settings as the free mode.   The game also has an achievement section.

The game is definitely for someone who enjoy a quiet, thinking game.

When the game was announced some q&a was done with the developers of the game. I wanted to repeat part of the conversation here.  Enjoy!

Q. Why create a smartphone and tablet version of Abalone? Whose idea was it?

Michel Lalet and Laurent Lévi: We are the ones that designed the original game, and it was our idea to adapt the game for smartphones and tablets. Our reason for doing so is the same as what the gaming industry has always sought to do, i.e. use every means available to reach out to the public. In 2000, the website developed by the Abalone company received a Clic d’Or award in the category of “”mainstream interactive marketing site””. We were eager to repeat the challenge and produce a successful game using today’s technologies.

 Q. Who is the app aimed at – amateurs or Abalone experts?

The app is designed for all levels and all ages. Just like the original version, which has left its mark in both the leisure industry and education, as well as among competition experts, this app introduces players to the mechanics of the game and helps them acquire a high level of expertise.

Q. What else does the touchscreen version of Abalone offer? Does it reproduce the same sensations as the board version?

Players will be able to carry this version of Abalone around with them and play anytime, anyplace, anywhere, whether alone or with a friend on the same screen. One of the special features with the app version is the challenge system, where gamers can play against the computer, which has been cleverly calibrated to help everyone learn and progress at their own pace. This serves as an excellent approach to the two-player game, which is ultimately the purpose of the game.


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