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5 Heartwarming Apps That Can Help You Donate To The Less Fortunate

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize we have a huge problem that isn’t going away. A lot of people are in serious need of help and there aren’t enough of us willing to help them. Even if you donate to charity on a regular basis there are a lot of apps out these days you might be interested in and we can take a look at what each one can do.

Budge Challenge (iOS)

Are you one of those competitive people who love nothing more than a challenge? When you’re competing against someone it’s an easy way to stay motivated. Budge Challenge is a great app that allows you to compete against one of your friends or family at anything imaginable and there is also a great twist. You have to put your hard-earned money on the line and the loser of the challenge has to donate a predetermined amount to charity.

Inova Blood Donor (iOS)

What would you do if one of your family members was involved in a serious accident and they desperately needed blood only there was a limited supply available? People all across the country need blood on a daily basis and luckily there are some generous donors who give blood whenever they can. If you’re one of those people you might like the Inova Blood Donor app because it will help with a lot of things including reminding you when you’re eligible to donate again.

JustGive (iOS)

Some of the news we read on a daily basis can really tug at our heartstrings. It’s hard not to cry when you see so many people in need of help. If you love helping out because you have extra money available you shouldn’t need to wait until you see someone asking for money on a TV advert. If you have the JustGive app on your phone you will be able to make a donation whenever you want. There are millions of worthy causes you can choose to donate to.

Instead (iOS)

Maybe you sometimes feel like you don’t have enough money to donate otherwise you could end up in financial trouble. You definitely shouldn’t give money away if you need it to survive, but I think the majority of us don’t have any money at the end of the month because we waste most of it. The Instead app gives you little ideas about things you could change in order to save money and if you manage to cut down on your expenditure you can give some back to the needy.

Save the Children (iOS)

Even if you didn’t have a great childhood there is a good chance it was better than the one millions of children around the world have to endure on a daily basis. Something is seriously wrong in this day and age when children don’t have access to things like clean drinking water. Save the Children app takes you behind the scenes and gives you a glimpse of what goes on around the world. You will also be able to donate easily if you want to give a little something back to those who need it most.

Don’t count on others

You might think someone else will donate therefore it won’t matter if you put everything to the back of your mind and continue on with your life. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone thought the same thing? Nothing would get done and people would keep on dying needlessly. You don’t have to donate your entire life savings because every dollar helps. Take a closer look at some of these apps and you will feel much better about yourself.

About the Author: Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, currently working for Fundraising For A Cause, suppliers of cancer awareness bracelets and ribbons. She is a brilliant singer/song writer and enjoys performing at local charity events and even organizes workshops for the lesser privileged. You can reach Nancy via Twitter @Nancy_Baker.

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