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5 Best Tips On QR Security


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QR codes are an ingenious invention that can save time for consumers and help businesses market their products and services more effectively. There is an endless array of practical applications for this extremely versatile invention. But whenever someone spends endless hours to come up with a useful invention that could make the lives of people easier, there are always plenty of unscrupulous thugs that would want to use it for hideous purposes to make the lives of people more difficult.

Although QR codes are so useful to mankind, there is always the possibility of it being misused by anti-social elements. Here are a few tips that you can follow to implement QR Security.

1. Never scan a QR code when you are not familiar with the source. You might come across these codes in a variety of places, and it could be tempting to scan them when you see them. However, resist the temptation to scan them if you are not familiar with the source of that code.

2. Use a QR code scanner app on your smartphone that can show you a preview of each code before it takes you to the destination. This will give you the option to refuse to proceed whenever you are suspicious of the destination.

3. Codes can have embedded viruses that can potentially damage your smartphone’s software. Therefore, make it a point to back up all information from your phone to your computer from time to time. Most smartphones do this automatically whenever you plug them into your computer. If yours doesn’t, remember to do it manually. So even if your software gets corrupted due to a virus attack, you would still have your latest information stored on your computer’s hard drive.

4. Always scan only customized QR codes. They will tell you the author of the code, its purpose and the destination. Even without reading the code, your smartphone can detect which company created the code and for what purpose, and where it would take you, if it is a customized code.

5. Use extreme caution when using your smartphone for shopping, banking and other forms of financial transactions. Once hackers get access to your financial particulars, they can have access to your money as well.

However, there is no need to get paranoid over using QR codes. You just need to keep track of the latest changes in technology and update yourself regarding safe ways of using QR codes. Being cautious will prevent you from being exposed to the dark side of technological progress.

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