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1Mobile-A Fast Android App Market [ App Review]

App Name: 1Mobile Market

Developer: 1Mobile

Market: Google Play

Price: Free

Device used for review: Google Nexus 5

Review: 1Mobile Market is similar to the app store in many ways and in others it’s different.  1Mobile markets their app as one of the fastest to get your apps and games. I would agree with them as this app flies and shows almost no sign of lag. The market is broken down into various tabs like Categories, which breaks down into sub categories, features, local top, and local new, global top and global new. These tabs add features not present in the Google Play store. There is also a nice search function which was able to pull up everything I threw at it without any issues.

For more information you can check them out in Google Play or follow them on Faccebook at

The app feels similar to Google Play as it uses similar color schemes but is set up different enough for the user to recognize that it’s a different market. The apps download in a very similar way to the play store and this app also sends you notifications when an app needs to update. Overall this is a nice substitute for the official play store and it works at a faster speed.

So if you need an alternative to Google Play, maybe on devices that do not support Google Play, give this new market a shot.


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