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10 Great Apps for Home Repair and Renovation

Mobile apps are getting more and more useful these days and thanks to the home repair and renovation apps, DIY just got fancier. Home renovation, repair and improvement has gone digital with applications that can enable the user to create and improve many things in the house. This is a personal guide to home improvement that can be added to your tool belt. Gone are the days of the home improvement programs that needed notes and a keen follow up.

Here are 10 mobile applications that will guide you in your quest to improve your home and repair those annoying home appliances and fixtures that have always been a thorn in your fingernail.

1. DreamHome [iOS]
This great iphone app offers the feature of offline viewing the works of many professional designers. There are also a myriad of designs that have been submitted by users adding up to your resource centre when it comes to easy and practical DIY projects.

2. Houzz[iOS]
This is one of the most inspirational apps for iphone. It comes loaded with over 70,000 full HD photos of landscapes and homes that will go a long way to give you ideas and the inspiration you need for your projects. This is better than a magazine that you will need to go through every once in a while to look at your favorite projects.

3. Home Sizer [iOS]
Home Sizer is an iphone app and a perfect tool for everyone who wants to estimate the size and function of their dream home, or to calculate the square footage of an existing home. This app tool allows you to get the dimensions and the size of your room. All you need to do is to enter measurements and the tool does the rest for you.

4. Canadian Tire [Android]
This is a shopping app for android phones that allows you to check out the proximity of the things you need for your project. All you need is to type the name of product you are looking for and the application will give you the location and the pricing instantly. You will also get reviews and support for the product for your shopping needs.

5. Renovation Budget Tracker [iOS]
This is a tracking application for iphone that enables you to know exactly how much you are spending for your project. This can go out of hand if a proper record is not kept. Thanks to this app, you do not have to get your costs all mixed up.

6. iHandy Level [Android]
This is an amazing iphone app for leveling. It puts you to rest concerning the bulky levels that have to be carried everywhere for the purpose of alignment, roof pitch and angle calculation and measurement.

7. Expert Video Home Repair [iOS]
This iphone app has a collection of videos featuring tutorials by professionals for the repair of basic home structures including walls, decks and floors. You can watch this video collection of home repair tutorials made by various experts to learn about DIY home repair projects.

8. iHandy Carpenter [iOS]
It is the lightest, prettiest and most handy carpenter tool kit in the world, present right on your iPhone. This app provides you with digital plumb bob, surface level, bubble bar and steel protractor. You can use all the 4 tools at one go.

9. Decomash
This is a great iphone application which is really worthy when it comes to accentuating rooms. Simply take a picture of an item or your walls and the tools goes through a myriad of home deco items and gives you a number of those that will fit your space perfectly. It will also give you a cheap option depending on your budget.

10. Ben Color Capture [Android]
With over 3,300 colors available, this iphone and android app allows you to snap any color that inspires you and locates the nearest Benjamin Moore store to you for a purchase as well as the match for the color you want.

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